Weekend over – damnit

My cousins daughter turned 1.  She had a b-day party.   I was the only adult, the only person over 20, who wasn’t a parent.   It was great not having to worry (as much) about kids getting hurt or crying or anything.

My sister slept over Sat night.   I got woken up at 7:30 by this little face giving me a kiss.   (not my sister’s little face, the princess)   We had breakfast, I made pancakes, and went to a farmer’s market.  As we were leaving the house, my sister and I were downstairs and the princess was walking down the stairs…    Wait for me guys”  Like we would leaver her.

Then she sang the entire way to the market.   LOUDLY  and I don’t think she was singing in English.

On the way back, we (me and the princess)fell asleep.  I woke up but she didn’t until we got to my house.   Then she was WIDE AWAKE  Sister ran to Bed Bath for a toaster.   I made lunch.  Then we went to look at houses.   Me and the kid, we love doing that.

Then they went home.


5 thoughts on “Weekend over – damnit

  1. I am usually the watcher of children at parties. Mostly because I rarely drink and everyone else is usually drunk. Assholes! 🙂

    I was always the watcher in college, but the next day, I made up stuff that people did. It was great, try it next party.

  2. You don’t think she was singing in English? It must’ve been Dutch. She’s very talented!

    Sorry, I think it was Kazach and Pig Latin. She’s very talented and smart, but we want to get one language down before we go for strange lanugages…unless you’re willing to teach her Dutch, which I would love to learn also

  3. It just dawned on me that I’m the same age my mother was- when she was homeschooling 3 of her own children alrealdy…
    Oh well.
    I’m glad it’s not me!
    My niece just discovered Dora- she is now re-enacting the episode where they fall in the river. She takes her evening bath, thrashing around and yelling in toddlerese Spanish…

    My mom was 27 when she had me. I have 10 years on her, when she was my age, she had a 6 year old and 3 year old and me.
    My niece only likes her Dora pull-ups. My sister doesn’t like her to watch Dora because the kid becomes a zombie…just stares w/out blinking – it’s uber creepy

  4. Heh heh. I am not quite awake yet, and at first I read “who wasn’t a parent” as “who wasn’t a pervert”
    That perked me up!

    I was with my dad, uncle and brother – king of pervs them all

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