6 strange bed rituals (+1)

Shelli created a meme and tagged me.   I am actually gonna do it.   Go me.

6 Weird things I do while getting ready to sleep or while sleeping:

1. I have to have my egonomically correct pillow on my bed.   I sleep w/out it,  but I sleep better with it.

2. My feet have HAVE to be covered.   If I am sleeping someplace and the cover isn’t big enough (in my opinion) I will use a 2nd cover so keep the bottom of the bed covered or hunt down socks.

3.  I have to be facing a door when I sleep.   If I can’t find a door (that faces either a hallway or outside, then I have to fall asleep in a fetal position with my head covered.

4.I can’t sleep if my nose is covered.  I will pull covers over my head, but not my nose so it sticks out from under a cover.

5.  I have to sleep with my body pillow.  it’s soft and white and cozy – but I can’t have it touching me.   I just need it near me.    When the princess sleeps over, she gets it, it goes against the end of the bed – by the wall so she doesn’t fall through the crack of the wall/bed.

6. I am supposed to sleep with wrist braces on.  I forget but I am aware of it so I wake up and reposition my wrists so I have feeling in my arms in the morning.   I am supposed to use a mouth guard -but I forget that also –  which considering they are on the nighttable next to my bed – is sad.

and one for fun

7.   I can’t sleep if I can’t see a clock.   If I wake up in the middle of the night – i have to be able to see what time it is – so I know how much more sleep I can get.


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  1. In reading everyone else’s posts about this, I have thought of even more things that I do. It’s crazy. I think I am going to do it again. LOL

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