New people on Cast of Characters

S  writes –   E said that the flag out front looks bigger. Which sarcastic reply is geekier?

1) the flag is infested with nanobots that grow the flag a little every night, or
2) the sun’s light refracts off venus… (P never finished the comment cause we started laughing at him)

Me –  2  definitely geekier –  though nonobots – probably geekiest word ever

S  -Fine, but ‘endoplasmic reticulum’ is nerdier.

M- Now your just making up words

S  Actually, it’s an organic cell organelle.

M – No it’s made up.

S  Psh, whatever.

M  J and I were talking this morning about made up words –  did you get the did you know… from your sup

S  Uh huh. About agnostic. That’s kinda cool, actually.

What I thought was interesting, speaking of made up words, is that the russian alphabet was made up in the 9th century by st cyril. He took letters from latin and greek and made up the whole writing system.

Then P sent this….

Sunlight reflected off of Venus and became refracted once it entered earths atmosphere due to the angle it struck the earth. this caused the red spectrum of light to become more intensely amplified in the same phenomenon that causes the sun to look really red when it sets. Because of the time of the year, both Venus and moon are both on the same side of the earth which changes the tides and produces a northerly wind. This wind blowing against the building flexed the glass windows enough to produce a curvature and thus a magnifying glass effect to anyone looking through the window at an object outside. This combined with the more intense light shining especially on the red of the stripes in the flag produced an optical illusion that made the flag appear to be brighter and larger than it actually to a casual observer. I knew it wasn’t nanobots!

And he became king of Nerds.    But he’s fun.


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  1. I am not sure that I understand what y’all are talking about, but I think it’s funny. 🙂

    We didn’t know what we were talking about either.

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