Homeowner woes.

I own land. I do. It’s not a lot and the backyard is more Protected something I can’t remember the name of at the moment but it has to do with wildlife or something

My front, is tiny little bit of grass and dirt with plants and a tree. It’s quite pretty, except last year – I forgot to water so it’s not as pretty as it could be. Luckily, it’s still all green and it’s been raining consistently so I didn’t have to dig out my hose from the garage. I did that today though. I moved the hose so I have easier access and can water my little patch of green and dirt.

That’s my house. Really it is. Obviously, there are leaves now since I believe this was taken in the winter. And there are tons of weeds.

I am not a planting person. I like plants. I like trees. But planting could possibly involve bugs and that’s a HELL NO So I am paying someone to de-weed and mulch. Then I will add some pretty plants Most likely will get some stuff in pots and have the pots sitting in the dirt. Then if they need to be re-potted, my sister will help me.

And he paints.

That’s the wall in my living room. Ok it’s not my wall but that is what my wall looks like -without the pictures. My wall is WHITE all my walls are. I haven’t painted yet. That’s my next next project. I want to re-do my kitchen counters first. Then painting.

I’m a homeowner. And all the crap that comes with it.


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  1. Very nice. There is a lot involved in homeownership. We had to call a plumber late last night for stopped up pipes. Ah, the joy.

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