Dork part 2

I love cheesy movies.    Okay, let’s rephrase   I LOVE CHEESY MOVIES.

80’s movies – yep Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, 16 Candles, Say Anything,  Die Hard (the original) love them and can quote them.

Those are movies that I own.  And watch.

Then there are movies that are awesome but not worth owning but will watch over and over and over.   From any point.   And will quote.

Legally Blonde.  I love this movie.  I will watch it from any part any time it’s on.  J and I, our favorite line   “Define affair”  But it must be said with an accent that sounds like Antonio Banderas with a cold

Sweet Home Alabama – yeah another Reese Witherspoon movie, but I can watch this movie over and over.  I don’t know why.   My favorite line   “You have a baby, in a bar”.

Never Been Kissed.   I can’t explain this.   Really – this is a bad movie. But Drew Barrymore is so cute and Michael Vartan (I almost typed MMMichael Vartan, which is also correct, beacause –  MMMMM mmmmm good)

Centerstage.   Not enough can be said about this craptastic movie.   Peter Gallagher is just awesome.   The dancing is amazing…really but come on-   motorcycles on stage and a major dance number to a Michael Jackson song , The Way You Make Me Feel and it even has some Chili Peppers in there – ok the movie is craptastic, but the soundtrack – it’s ok.

There are tons of others….guilty pleasures yes-  embarassing – oh yeah but fun – lots of fun.

When I think of others – I will embarrass myself and admit to them

What are your embarrassing movies that you will watch from the beginning, middle or end, over and over?


I have a problem turning on the water at my house so I can water my lawn.  I can’t figure out how to do it.   I’m a dork, turn the knob and it goes on….not so much.   The maintence guy is coming next week to show me how to do it.

It  hasn’t been a major problem so far because it’s been raining often enough that my lawn is getting watered.

Last week and again last night we had major thunderstorms.    Last week, it sounded like it was right above my house.  And it was.   It was really cool.   I had a headache so I crashed about 9:30.   Then BOOM CRASH   Thunder lightening and my room is bright for a second.   Over and over.   It was awesome.   I watched the lightening and listened to the thunder and rain until I could hear it moving on and it poured.    A lot.   It was great.  I went to look at the clock thinking it was like 1 or 2 in the morning – yeah – it was 11:30.   The thunder and lightening lasted about 1/2 hour and it rained for a bit so I was good on watering my lawn for a day or so.    It rained a little a few nights later, enough that I wasn’t worried about how I can’t turn my water on.

Last night it poured and thundered and lighting(ed).    It was great.   It wasn’t bright that it lit up my bedroom but it was loud and wet.   And my lights flickered  My bedroom clock blinked.   So I overreacted got a little nervous.   I went downstairs to find my flashlight and my cell phone, just in case, I set my alarm on my cell for 5:30 (except I just realized I didn’t) and slept with my flashlight.   I hugged that flashlight like it was my favorite doll.   Of course the thunder stopped and the rain continued before I actually fell asleep but since I had it with me….I decided it needed a nice soft bed to sleep in.   Flashlights get tired to.  Or, I’m a dork who gets scared the lights are gonna go out and will trip when I go pee in the middle of the night.

Weekend over – damnit

My cousins daughter turned 1.  She had a b-day party.   I was the only adult, the only person over 20, who wasn’t a parent.   It was great not having to worry (as much) about kids getting hurt or crying or anything.

My sister slept over Sat night.   I got woken up at 7:30 by this little face giving me a kiss.   (not my sister’s little face, the princess)   We had breakfast, I made pancakes, and went to a farmer’s market.  As we were leaving the house, my sister and I were downstairs and the princess was walking down the stairs…    Wait for me guys”  Like we would leaver her.

Then she sang the entire way to the market.   LOUDLY  and I don’t think she was singing in English.

On the way back, we (me and the princess)fell asleep.  I woke up but she didn’t until we got to my house.   Then she was WIDE AWAKE  Sister ran to Bed Bath for a toaster.   I made lunch.  Then we went to look at houses.   Me and the kid, we love doing that.

Then they went home.

For Dawg

NYC Watchdog, A blogger who I have lurked at, although rarely, suffered on of the most tragic losses a parent can go through.  His son, the Puppy Monster passed away from a swimming accident.


Avitable is taking donations to help his family during this tragic time.   His family is in my thoughts.


Some emails I got

I have nothing to say -so I am copying emails I got


In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists have demonstrated
that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we
would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli)
bacteria found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of

However, we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine (or tequila,
whiskey or other liquor) because alcohol has to go through a
purification process of boiling, filtering, and/or fermenting.

Remember: Water = poop,    Wine = Health.  Therefore, it’s better to drink
wine and talk stupid, than to drink water and be full of shit.

There is no need to thank me for this valuable information, it is being
done as a public service. Please pass along this important

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