Drunk hotel guest beware

My parents stayed at a hotel in A/C this past Memorial Day weekend.   The people in the room were loud.   They kept getting beer delivered from room service.  They started getting loud around 10.    By much later they and the girls they had with them were running in the hallways and screaming.   Why my parents just didn’t call security I don’t know.    They shared the adjourning doors with these morons.

9 am  – phone rings in drunk and passed out boys rooms. –   Barbara – is that you

dpob – huh

sorry –  wrong number

10 am –    phone rings in dpob room –

bobby –  bobby is that you – bobby answer me

dpob –  huh

bobby –  bobby wake up – bobby is that you – bobby are you awake

dpob – hug

bobby – wake up – bobby bobby bobby

dpob –  ari – it’s for you

ari – huh.

and on the other end of the phone –  my parents – laughing hysterically.

And no – we don’t know who bobby or barbara is.  My mom is just good like that.


4 thoughts on “Drunk hotel guest beware

  1. THAT WAS GREAT! What parents you have! I hope I remember to do stuff like this when it happens to me!

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