I got nothing.  I posted last week ( I think) and it was a thing I stole.

Since then…. nuttin

I babysat the kid Saturday.   She once again fell asleep in the car, which I expected. I parked outside the apt and  I fell asleep also.  Then she woke up and was cranky and when we went inside, she was cranky and kept laying down.  I asked her if she wanted to lay down in her crib. she said yes, so I put her in her crib.    Then she started crying   cover me, cover me.   So I went in and covered her.   1/2 hour later she knocked on her door from her crib and said,  I better now.  I won’t cry.   I guess she needed a little more sleep.

Sunday she and sister came over.   We went shopping and then drove around exploring.

Then the week happened.

and since my last real post about stuff before the book thing…. nothing happened

I went to the gym today again after work.  Took a yoga class.  It was fun but I have no sense of balance.  At all…I can’t even ride a bike (no I’m not kidding)  I think I did ok, it’s something to practice and do….I have pilates on Thursday and am headed to LI for Mothers day.

Yeah, my life is a riot.