Thanks for playing

My neice is a wiseass.   I’m so proud.

My sister is forgetful.   Or absentminded.  She’s busy.  I’d chalk it up to being a doctor and working her ass off but she’s been like that forever.   I shouldn’t mock, I’m actually worse.  Anyway…..

She forgot her cell phone at work so after she picked the princess up from daycare she said she had to go get her phone

The princess said  Mommy forgot phone again (again is said in the excerated overtone of a pain in the ass 13 year old)

Yesterday when I picked her up from daycare I asked her if she wanted to go to the park.  She said no, she wanted to play with boy (boy is the 2 year old across the hall.  She loves him, he loves her and they play together all the time.   It’s really cute and funny and when he moves in June my sister is screwed).   All the way home was I play with boy,   where is boy, I play with boy.   I tried distracting her.

Me:   Princess, what does mommy do at work?

Princess-  get her cell phone.   I play with boy.

So we get home and she takes of her shoes and socks and goes to the front door and opens it and knocks on boys door.   His dad answers and she says I play with boy.  Dad says, boy is at the park with his mommy.  (remember I asked her 1/2 hour ago if she wanted to go the park)   She turns, looks at me and says

I GO TO PARK  See Boy.

So we put on shoes and socks and off to the park we go.  We see them.  Boy sees princess.  Boy runs to princess.  Boy falls.    Princess sees boy,  princess runs to boy, princess falls.   This kept happening.   It was From Here to Eternity with 2 year olds who have no balance.   Boys mom and I were hysterical.   They got about 2 inches from each other and stopped.   Just stopped.  and stood there.   Then ran amok in the park like there was no tomorrow.   They had a blast.    We went home and ate and after dinner, she opened the door and stood outside his door until he came out to play.   Then they played and she didn’t want to leave his house, but she did, upside down.   He gave her a kiss night night and said see ya tomorrow.

I know it’s true love.   She wouldn’t share the trains, but she shared her chocolate milk.    A girl sharing chocolate, that’s love.   She also wants me to keep whatever comes out of her nose so she can show the boy later.    I drew the line as saving it.

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