Holy Holy

Remember when Charlette Church was gospel. And then made dumb ass comments about firemen and policemen after 9/11. Apparently she went nuts. And I have no explanation for Amy Winehouse….except maybe she shouldn’t live up to her name.

It’s Beat It for damn’s sake. How do you forget the words.

Thank you Robin...for helping burn holes in my brain


8 thoughts on “Holy Holy

  1. The sad thing is I really like Amy Winehouse’s voice and music (not always the lyrics). And I thought Charlotte Church was more classical than gospel (you just end up singing a lot of sacred music when you’re an opera/classical singer).

    Have you ever seen any other episodes of Charlotte’s talk show? They’re pretty funny sometimes!

  2. Good thing they said each others names at the end. I assumed the one who looks like she rolled out of bed, and sounded like she was chewing on the mic while her mouth was already full of marbles was Amy Whinehouse, and the one that actually sounded decent was Charolette Church, but what do I know?

  3. LOL! I know what you mean!

    I gotta admit, though, I love “Crazy Chick” and “Call My Name”.

    Amy Winehouse is just weird…

  4. Can I deck ‘m? Well, at the very least Amy Winehouse? My brain is hurting and my eardrums are shot…

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