Interview #2

This time it’s from DB.   I believe I have 2 more people interviewing me.
1. You are “The Real Libragirl”. Who is the fake one?

Anyone born in Febuary of 1970 (hee)

2. What will you be getting Fab and me for a wedding present?

A canning set
Then you can make your own pickles.

3. You could date any celebrity you like. Who would be your choice and why?

Way to hard to know.  I would have to decide if I wanted to be followed by camaras or not.

4. What do you need the 10 dollars, you want to borrow, for? Jimmy Choo’s don’t come in 10 dollar pairs!

The 10$ is to go to Atlantic City and put it all on black so I can win lots and lots of $10 so I can buy lots and lots of Jimmy Choos.

5. What came first, the chicken or the egg? (Always longed to know the answer to that one

The chicken.   or maybe the egg.   It’s 5:15 in the morning.  that’s way to thinking for me.