Ya know

That’s not a sentence.


Conversation overheard

So, what

I just ya know what I mean


No I have no idea what you mean – because you didn’t say anything

That was a coversation (the  parts between dots) overheard between 2 cashiers in a store.   I say you know what I mean.  But I usually say something before hand

I can’t think of an example at the moment as my brain doesn’t work – you know what I mean

(See what I did there, tricked ya)

So ‘member I told you I joined a gym and was going to give myself $1 for every pound for the first 10 pounds.     Well I earned 1.50.   Go me.  And I fit in a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to fit in for at least 6  months.

Also, my gym offers free personal trainer 1x a month.  Apparently my leg is fucked up enough to warrant a 2nd free one.  What’s wrong with my leg.   Don’t know.   I know my foot turns out when I walk but it’s always done that and I put thingees in my sneakers and my foot doesn’t turn and my knees don’t hurt.  But  I took the thingees out and forgot where I put them, so, my foot has been turning out and my knee has been hurting (and no, the 4 inch heels don’t have any effect on that, but they do make my ass look fantastic)

And House tonite –  uber gross.   But Hugh Laurie, super sexy.


6 thoughts on “Ya know

  1. Yay for the 1.50! And 4 inch heels are good for you. Yes. They are. I’m saying so, so they are. Good luck with all that!

    I liked House last night! I wouldn’t let anyone in my home talk until it was over. We have priorities, yaknow. Ya know what I mean? 😉

  2. Ehm… so… I am hoping the cash registered are digitalized and they cashiers don’t have to do the adding up themselves, do they?

    And congrats on the “earning 1.50”!!!

    They were and thanks

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