Weekend wrap up again

We went to the circus on Sunday.  Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey  It was a Bellobration.  Bello is the most amazing clown, acrobat whatever he is that I have ever seen.  The other clowns were scary, I think.  Ok not scary as much as creepy, but Bello, amazing.

I think it was a good circus.  The boys enjoyed it.   So did my parents.

See, my parents started taking NE when he was like 3 or so.  No parents allowed.   Well, no non grandparents allowed.  So it was me, my parents, my sister and NE.   We go every year.  This year, sister wasn’t allowed to go.  Since the Princess is around.   So I drove to NY Saturday morning, hung out at the rents house and Sunday we went to The Theatre at Madison Square Garden to watch Bellobration.

The show starts pretty much the same way.   The Ringmaster comes out, says stuff, The Star Spangled Banner gets sung.  Then Bello comes up on the screen and tries to get out.  He can’t, he tries, he can’t.  The Ringmaster gets annoyed and starts the show without Bello.   Then something happens and Bello comes out of the screen.  Ok not really but the lights go down, their is a big explosion, firework like lights come on AND THERE’S BELLO.    Once the big explosion happened we had a little freak out with a certain 2 1/2 year old who doesn’t like loud noises.  She cried and cried and hugged me and freaked out.   I took her out and she calmed down.   I asked her if she wanted to go back in – commence freaking out.    Calming down.    Princess, we have to go and get your coat and diaper bag, can we go back in.       Uh huh

So back I go.  And freaking out is commenced.  But she sees Grandma and is ok.  Until Grandma attempts to take her out of my arms.   She wrapped her legs around my waist like a vice.     So we got her stuff and left.   I mean really left. We left the Garden.  Luckily Brother and SIL live close so we walked to their house and she played with them.   I took a little (10) minute nap and the Princess thought I was pretending (it’s a game) so she got in my face and yelled    WAKE UP RACHEL.   So I did.   You try staying asleep when a short person is yelling in your face.  So I pick her up and kiss her lots and lots as is my right as her aunt.    Then she looked at me with her cute little face and her tiny little nose and her high little voice and said

Where’s Bello?

Ok, brat Princess you were freaking out.    A LOT and made us leave.

We went out to brunch after the circus.   We met the parents and boys at a resturant and it was good.   Then I drove me and the Princess home.   She was so tired she was asleep before 7th Ave.    We got in the car at 9th ave.

I am free next weekend.  Thank goodness.   NE is in a chess tornament.   He is 8.  His chess teacher says he is really good.   No matter how he does I am quite proud of him.  I can’t play chess.  He also kicks ass in Rummy 500.

Good luck Big man.   Stop growing up.   I don’t like it.  Stay my little nephew who is the oldest and then LN and the Princess won’t grow up.  But more important.  I won’t get older.    I