Littler Nephew

You are 6.   You are so funny I can’t stand it.   You love music and singing and swordfighting.  Sometimes (all the time) at once.   The videos and pictures your parents have of you are hysterical.    The blackmail material is boundless.    You and your brother (NE) watched You’re The One That I Want, Make me a Grease Star (or whatever it was called) If you could have been on it you would have.  If Danny Zuko was a 6 year old blonde Jew from Manhattan, you would have gotten the part.   Your father and mother have a video of you dressed as Zorro singing Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee that I watch on a regular basis because it’s just classic.  Don’t worry, I’ll only let them show it to your first girlfriend and maybe at your Bar Mitvah.

I love you Little Man, not only because you look exactly like me, but because you are wonderful, funny, smart, and the most entertaining 6 year old in the world.  Watching you, your brother and your cousin, the Princess (I think you named her that) together makes me smile and so happy.   Thank you for brightening my world.


3 thoughts on “Littler Nephew

  1. OMG! You could have such fun with footage like that showing it to his first girlfriend! LOL I can’t wait to do that to The Kid! Hey! STFU! Mom´s are allowed to do that, that is why we endure all the growing up and mouthing off shit…!!!

  2. This post made me smile. Littler Nephew sounds so awesome as Danny Zuko.

    I can tell how much you love him.

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