April 4

Today is my mom’s birthday.

This  is what I got her.  Do you think they are pretty.  My mom did.

I am very close to my parents.  I’ve never hid that.  I am so my mom’s daughter it’s scary.  We laugh alike, we sound alike.  When I am home, my dad just avoids us since we become the same.   I don’t have stories for my mom like I do for my dad not for any reason other then I just don’t.  Most of the stuff like that is to hard to explain.  Oh wait…

So I call my mom when I get home from work.  I always have.  When I lived at home and was in school, she was at work so I called so she knew I was home.   When I move out, I just kept doing it.   She told me once I didn’t have to call, so I didn’t.   She called me at 6 and asked why I didn’t call.  I said – you told me I didn’t have to.  She said – I didn’t mean it.    So I call her when I get home.   It’s not a  big deal to me.

Happy birthday mommy.  Hope it was great.


4 thoughts on “April 4

  1. My mom did that until I moved away. And if she knows I’m alone, she’ll still request I call her when I get in if I’m going out for any reason. She doesn’t care what time it is or if she’s asleep or if my dad is getting up early… She did the “you don’t have to call anymore” thing, to… but she couldn’t stand it and rescinded it.

    But did it last more then one day.

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