April 4

Today is my mom’s birthday.

This  is what I got her.  Do you think they are pretty.  My mom did.

I am very close to my parents.  I’ve never hid that.  I am so my mom’s daughter it’s scary.  We laugh alike, we sound alike.  When I am home, my dad just avoids us since we become the same.   I don’t have stories for my mom like I do for my dad not for any reason other then I just don’t.  Most of the stuff like that is to hard to explain.  Oh wait…

So I call my mom when I get home from work.  I always have.  When I lived at home and was in school, she was at work so I called so she knew I was home.   When I move out, I just kept doing it.   She told me once I didn’t have to call, so I didn’t.   She called me at 6 and asked why I didn’t call.  I said – you told me I didn’t have to.  She said – I didn’t mean it.    So I call her when I get home.   It’s not a  big deal to me.

Happy birthday mommy.  Hope it was great.