The Good Jewish Girl

I am not.

Sundown tonite was the first night of Passover.  It’s my favorite Jewish holiday.  I love Sedars and Matzoh and Chopped Liver and Chorosis (apples, walnuts and bad jewish wine)

I didn’t get to have a Sedar this year.  I may have one with friends but doubtful as I don’t have any free time until after the holiday.  If I lived in NY, I would have gone to my brother and SIL’s with everyone.   Sister and Princess included.  Oh well, I went to the gym and had salad for dinner.  I was soooooo proud of myself.  I was starving after working out and knew I only had lettuce in the house, so I forced myself to go food shopping and only get what I needed for dinner tonite.    Shopping w/out impulse buying, is really hard when you’re hungry.

I am trying to follow Passover this year.  I usually make it about 5 days w/out bread, then I forget.    But this year, I will go the whole 7 days.   Or I will try.

So I go to the supermarket.   I get stuff to make salad, but I want some protien in it so I get ham, cheese and shrimp.

Right in that sentence I broke about 1 billion Jewish laws.

No Ham-  pigs are considered unclean so all pig products are bad.   This isn’t normally a problem for me as I am not a big pork/bacon eater.  I have to be in the mood.

Cheese – no problem with cheese, but it’s very unclean to mix dairy and meat.  So not only did  I mix dairy and meat, I did it with the uncleanest meat ever (never order a cheeseburger in a Jewish deli)

Shrimp.   Again  – shellfish are considered bottomfeeders and therefore unclean.  No this, I don’t care.  I love shellfish.   Crabs, lobster, mussels, clams, shrimp (if flavored properly,  lots and lots of old bay).  Growing up by the Cheasapeke Bay will give most people a love of crabs (shut up) since it’s a stable.  Or it was in my house.

So, I didn’t eat bread, but I still destroyed the good Jew award by eating/mixing 3 big no-no’s in Jewish religion.

What a good Jew I am.


4 thoughts on “The Good Jewish Girl

  1. Congratulations on being such a good Jew! I am congratulating myself on being an exemplary Catholic. This year for Lent I gave up–nothing. Every Friday of Lent this year I managed to eat meat even though that is strictly against the RULES. I figure when priests stop molesting children then maybe I’ll start following the Lenten guidelines.

    So technically, you did really well during Lent, you didn’t give up anything so you didn’t give it up. Except of course the meat on Friday thing

  2. I guess a ham & cheese sandwich would get you kicked out of the Jewish deli.

    If I had to eat by those rules, I would be vegetarian for 7 days. I love bacon and sausage. Ham, not so much.

    I don’t have a problem not eating meat for 7 days, it’s remembering not to eat bread products that kills me

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