The Good Jewish Girl

I am not.

Sundown tonite was the first night of Passover.  It’s my favorite Jewish holiday.  I love Sedars and Matzoh and Chopped Liver and Chorosis (apples, walnuts and bad jewish wine)

I didn’t get to have a Sedar this year.  I may have one with friends but doubtful as I don’t have any free time until after the holiday.  If I lived in NY, I would have gone to my brother and SIL’s with everyone.   Sister and Princess included.  Oh well, I went to the gym and had salad for dinner.  I was soooooo proud of myself.  I was starving after working out and knew I only had lettuce in the house, so I forced myself to go food shopping and only get what I needed for dinner tonite.    Shopping w/out impulse buying, is really hard when you’re hungry.

I am trying to follow Passover this year.  I usually make it about 5 days w/out bread, then I forget.    But this year, I will go the whole 7 days.   Or I will try.

So I go to the supermarket.   I get stuff to make salad, but I want some protien in it so I get ham, cheese and shrimp.

Right in that sentence I broke about 1 billion Jewish laws.

No Ham-  pigs are considered unclean so all pig products are bad.   This isn’t normally a problem for me as I am not a big pork/bacon eater.  I have to be in the mood.

Cheese – no problem with cheese, but it’s very unclean to mix dairy and meat.  So not only did  I mix dairy and meat, I did it with the uncleanest meat ever (never order a cheeseburger in a Jewish deli)

Shrimp.   Again  – shellfish are considered bottomfeeders and therefore unclean.  No this, I don’t care.  I love shellfish.   Crabs, lobster, mussels, clams, shrimp (if flavored properly,  lots and lots of old bay).  Growing up by the Cheasapeke Bay will give most people a love of crabs (shut up) since it’s a stable.  Or it was in my house.

So, I didn’t eat bread, but I still destroyed the good Jew award by eating/mixing 3 big no-no’s in Jewish religion.

What a good Jew I am.