Weekend wrap up

I went to LI again this past weekend.  I left work at 12 on Friday and made it to my parents in about 2.5 hours.   Why did I go home this past weekend.   Well, LN is turning 6 this week so he had a birthday party.   And what’s always the best idea for a bunch of 6 year old kids to do at a party.   Why fence of course.   Because really, what’s a party without swordfighting.   Luckily, they were taught with foam swords so the only bloodshed was the Princess’ bloodly nose when she fell.   She’s ok and her nose is still tiny and cute and full of snot.

I am going again next weekend.  Just me and the Princess.  We are leaving her mother at home.  They will sleep over Friday night and I will take her Saturday morning.    Not gonna tell why I’m going though.  HA!!

Otherwise, all is OK here.  Hope you all had a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

  1. I just hate when you tease as like that! When are you going to tell?

    Next week, or I may have already told in a past post, who knows (I don’t since I don’t remember

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