I am so exciting

It’s been a while, but  that’s because my life is boring.

Went to LI this past weekend.   Left my house at 6:30 am and got to LI around 9 or so.  Laid down and woke up again at 12 or so.  And that’s because the phone rang.  Needless to say, I was tired.  My parents slept that long also.    It felt good.   Went to get my hair colored and cut.   I have black hair now.  I get bored easy.

Went out to dinner with my parents, my brother and sil and her parents.  We went to Felidia’s  (this is only one review, I couldn’t find the link for the actual restaurant)


I came home Sunday.   Went food shopping and went to work today.   Was going to the gym but had some issues so I came home and walked 1.5 miles around the neighborhood.

And that’s my life.

So, since I have no life, pick a topic.   I will come up with something.  Maybe.