I was obnoxious in High School

Shelli did a meme today. I am stealing one question only

Have you ever had an argument with a teacher?
Yes. Mostly in my mouthy adolescent years. We all ended up friends in the end anyway.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was in the dean’s office a lot in hs. So, I had forgotten that some people wanted to know why (at least they did) so when I saw this question at Shelli’s (who got it from Finn), I decided to share.

When I was in 9th grade I had a teacher for Social Studies that was a bit of an ass. (ok a huge one) The first day of class, he told us that he was big in going to rallies and stuff for child saftey to prevent abuse. Ok cool

So one day he was out and the sub said he had gone to a protest the night before against child abuse. Again whatever, we had a sub.

So the next day he was in and someone (not me) asked him about the protest. He got all huffy and said it wasn’t to prevent child abuse, it was after the child was born WHA???? Apparently he only cared that you didn’t abort your child, if you kept it and beat it up -that was fine, just don’t have an abortion.

Now, I am pro-choice. Always have been. I am not looking to start a pro-life, pro-choice thing. This is what started the whole I am going to the dean’s office.

Did I mention I was obnoxious. So, when I found this out, I flipped out and may have started a small fight with him. There may have been yelling. There may have been a 9th grader getting kicked out of class. There may have been a 9th grader going back the next day and she may have accidently said something pro-life that would possibly have pissed the teacher off. Maybe.

By the 2nd week of this happening, I stopped going to his class. I just went right to the deans office and when I walked in, they asked why I was there and not in class. I said – I have Soc now.
Dean – ok – can you file this stuff for me.

I ended up working in the dean’s office since I refused to go to his class. My main job was to file the cut slips and send them out. Yeah. I was gonna be responsible for my friends getting dention. yeah – they had to go, but I didn’t send the letters home so the parents didn’t know. I was good like that.

Needless to say, I failed SS in 9th grade and ended up a year behind but I rocked when I took it the next year. My senior year, I was in 11th grade SS (seniors didn’t have to take it) So I was the oldest in the class. It was great. I got high 90’s all year and made the honor roll

All because I hated my SS teacher in 9th grade and spent 7th period in the dean’s office


9 thoughts on “I was obnoxious in High School

  1. Standing up for your beliefs is a good reason to be in the dean’s office.

    I don’t know if it was standing up for my beliefs, as much as hating this class.

  2. Holy Crap! What a rebel! That is so cool. You’re the girl I wished I could be. I would have just glared at him and muttered nasty things under my breath. But to actually get kicked out of class! And then just not go! Big ones, girl.

    I can’t explain how much I hated this man. What’s effed up, I don’t even remember his name now. Oh well.
    It just seemed silly to go. I would walk it and he would kick me out. So I stopped going. oh well.

  3. I would have paid good money to watch that argument!

    It wasn’t even an arguement as much as me going – What, are you serious? you don’t care what happens to kids when they are alive, TEACHER or something like that.

  4. You had 7th period. I only remember having 6 classes in school. Weird.

    At least the dean was cool with you coming in and working. It wasn’t like you were cutting class to sneak a smoke behind the school.

    We had 8 periods. 1st period, then homeroom, so you wouldn’t cut first, which is another story all together, and then 3-8, so homeroom was 15 minutes and counted as 2nd period. My senior year, I only had 6 classes, and got out at 1 instead of 3

  5. OMG! You re-defined the word “obnoxious” right then and there… LOL

    Actually I defined it when I was 6 and kicked out of hebrew school and told I had to sit in the front on my camp bus because I was obnoxious. I was upset about that, until I found out what obnoxious meant, then I sat in the front with pride.

  6. I love this. Good on ya for sticking up for what you believe, even in 9th grade!

    I wish I could say that’s what it was instead of just shock. After the first day, it was being an obnoxious teenager. But hey got me out of class

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