I was able to get my car in my driveway. Friday we got snow. A lot of snow, ok, not a lot, but it was messy and icy and COLD. I may have mentioned a few billion times that I watch the princess on Wednesdays. This week my sister switched schedules with someone so I was going to pick her up on Friday from daycare and take her to my house. My sister was going to go out with friends and then come over. She was working Saturday so it was just as easy.

Except the weather was crap. My boss suggested I leave an hour early because she knew I had to get the kid and that the roads were bad (I should mention, I was working overtime and had come in early so I was able to leave and not lose time) and it took me 2 hours to get to her school. Normally it’s 30-60 minutes depending on traffic and if I make the lights by U Penn.

Needless to say, I slept at sisters (I had brought clothes just in case). Saturday was harsh. Getting to my car, with Princess and all the crap she needs and getting her in the car and still having to clean it off, NOT FUN plus, Satan took over her personality, and she decided she was going to make the nice Satan, EVIL Because the “real” Satan, not as horrible as a 2 year old who insists on whining ALL DAY.

We went to Best Buy, the grocery store and someplace else, I don’t remember. Then we went to my house, watched Blue’s clues, at lunch and played and played.

Did I mention, they blocked the driveways and there was a foot of ice blocking my driveway and I couldn’t pull in over it. Yeah, that was fun.

Then we went to take a nap. Well, that didn’t work, but she was so tired that she was barely able to talk, or walk or be human. (but she was still cute as all get out, cause she was cuddly and told me she loved me) so I said, let’s go to your house. We got in the car and I asked her if she wanted to listen to Hokey Pokey. She said Ho and was out like a light. Since I knew that was gonna happen, I brought a book and sat in my car and read. And when she woke up, we went in the house and played with the little boy across the hall and when sister got home, I left. I started to dig out a little but it was all ice.

Today, sister and the princess came over and we went to the mall, then left because sister couldn’t find her cell. It was at my house. Then we went to lunch, then back to my house because I couldn’t remember if I had shut my garage door (I hadn’t) then we went for a drive so someone could take a nap. While she was sleeping we went back to my house and dug some more ice up to get the driveway a little clearer. Then we were going to go food shopping but we decided to go look at a house for sale that we wanted to see the design of, then we had to go back to my house because someone was offensive so we had to stay and play. Finally we were headed to supermarket, but heard my neighbor shoveling and saw he got the foot of ice cleared so we thought we would try. He helped (thank goodness, since he had a metal shovel to chop ice) and I was able to get in my driveway again. YIPPEE So we finally made it to the supermarket, and then sister and princess went home and I collapsed.

I have to go in early tomorrow to so some more ot and then I am working late for more ot and then I have 2 classes at they gym I want to take. I will be home late (for me). I am sure I will be ready to collapse. I can’t wait.

Have a nice day.

I forgot,  I wanted to welcome  Dutchbitch to WordPress.  Welcome, enjoy your new home.    Go on, visit her.   Hew new site looks awesome.


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  1. My sister had a cat in her apartment complex that she called Satan. It would hang off the screen of her bathroom window of her apartment. Did I mention there was only one bathroom, and it was on the second floor? Never could figure out how he got up there since there was no trees were around. (Your post made me think of that, so I thought I would share. LOL)

    It sounds like you have a nice boss. 🙂

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