The untilted post

I joined a gym   I did.  Really.  I joined Monday and went Tuesday and did the treadmill and machines.  Wednesday I took 2 classes and today I did the treadmill and  machines.  I plan on going 4 days a week – I am checking the class schedule to see when they have classes I want to take and going by that.   I can go to any one in the chain and they have different schedules so the one by me has Saturday classes that I want to take, so that’s good.

But I have a goal.   I have a wedding to go to in November.   I want to lose 2 dress sizes  by November 1st when I start to go shopping for it.  If I lose more, bonus, but 2 dress sizes is the goal.   I also took out my goal shirt and I am bribing myself.   1$ per pound for the first 10lbs.   2$ a pound for the 2nd 10 pounds, then 5$ a pound.   When I hit goal weight, I am buying myself something.   I don’t know what, but it will be fabulous.


9 thoughts on “The untilted post

  1. Cool! Congratulations! You know I love “about the gym” posts! I like your goal idea, too! Best wishes! I’m in your corner!

  2. That’s fantastic that you have a goal and a reward system for yourself. I should try something like that. I’d like to loose 10 lbs but I haven’t been able to. I’m going to give that a try…

  3. That sounds like a realistic plan. I am going for 10% of my weight, but I am doing Weight Watchers and that is what they have you strive for first.

    Mini goals help too, though.

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