I’m bored

Anyone want to go out and play.

Remember when you were  a kid and you could get away with saying you wanted to play and you needed toys.    I miss those days.   Not really but I miss being excited over every little things.

I went to pick up the princess last week. I walked into daycare and couldn’t find her.   Then I heard her –

Rachel – Rachel –  I made poopy in my diaper.

She was so excited that she pooped she needed to share it with everyone (well the fact that she did it, not the actual poop)

My parents were away last week.  My mom forgot to change the clocks before she left.   So my brother decided to go to the house with the wife and kids and do it.  And not tell them.   So they did.   Then he had my nephews lick spoons and put them in the silverware drawer.  One spoon each.   Lick and put back.    Why would you say to yourelf,    let’s go to Long Island, change all the clocks at the parents house and lick some spoons.  Who thinks like that.  My brother.

What’s great –  NE was laughing so hard he was almost on the floor and LN just kept looking at himself in the mirror.   He gets that from his other aunt (sister).

My family is weird.


11 thoughts on “I’m bored

  1. What would be even crazier to me is if your parents looked at the spoons and thought, “Hey! These spoons have been licked!”

    I’m bored, too. I’m tired of being a grown up.

  2. I love your family! How fun! I clearly remember whining I was bored to my mother many, many times as a child. I’m surprised she didn’t give me sleeping pills to shut me the hell up.

  3. I want to see the pictures.

    Did you put the spoons back in the drawer?

    My brother and I used to show each other the food in our mouths during dinner. The trick was to do it while our parents were talking to the other one and try to make each other laugh without getting caught.

    Unfortunately, my brother won’t let me post the video of it. it’s a 15 second video taken with a camera phone. And they put the spoons back. We still show each other food in our mouths, my mom is teaching the boys (and eventually the princess) how to squeeze mashed potatos through their front teeth. We come from Klass

  4. Don’t forget, the coup de gras was to document it all with a camera. Because, really, if there are no pictures, did the event happen at all?

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