I bite my nails

I do, it’s a bad habit but better then crack. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago or so, I bit my pinky nail and really hurt it. I couldn’t type a’s or the cap lock or the shift key on my left hand. It actually throbbed.

So Friday before we left, I slept at my sister’s. I looked at my finger and joking around said, I think my finger is infected. Sister looked at it and said yep, it’s infected. I was like what. So to un-infect it, I had to soak it in hot water, then put bacatrcin on it and then wrap it in saran wrap (shut up) and then my sister was going to lance it so it un-swelled and the puss would come out (shut up) and then I had to get a prescription

LANCE IT um no way that was gonna happen. So I go get the prescription, at 9:30 at night a few hours before we are going to Arizona. Fun.

Saturday. We go to AZ. The princess is great on the plane. She was cute and funny and everyone commented on how cute and funny and good she was (and she was) and we land, we go to hotel, we go to room, we put luggage in, we go to pool to get food. Princess big line for the next week NO JACKET NO JACKET she was very happy about that. We go back to room and unpack and then just walked around the hotel. We crashed early, like 7:3o (it was 9:30 in body time and really, easier to sleep at same time as kid then later)

Sunday, wake up, go for breakfast in hotel. Sister eats and about 5 minutes later feels nauseous. We get car and go back to room. She lays down for a bit and starts to feel better so we go to our Aunt’s and Uncles house. She still doesn’t feel well so she just takes it easy, doesn’t eat anything. Great fun. We get back to hotel around 8:30 or so and crash. I sleep with the Princess so sister can get some sleep. She has a confrence at 7:30 in the morning and since she doesn’t feel well – I get the princess. About 3 am I wake up to pee and sister is in the bathroom, puking her brains out. AWESOME Gotta love that sound. I make sure she’s ok (coz, I’m good like that) and she finally goes back to sleep. needless to say, she didn’t make the meeting until late the next day. So the next morning, I keep the Princess busy and let sister rest. She finally is able to move around 10:30 or so. I drive her to the conference. I pick her up an hour later. (it was over about 11:30 or so) She goes back to the room and relaxes and then we went to a park and then we went to the pool and stuff and then we went to dinner (I think) Then sister and princess went to sleep and I watched HEROS and then I went to sleep.

Tuesday. woke up Sister went to conference. Princess and I played – sister came home, we played- we went driving around looking at houses and stuff – we came back to hotel – they went to pool , they came back -princess slept, I slept, then we went to dinner at a mexican place that was very nice and all and all was good until about 3 am or so. When I woke up and proceeded to puke my brains out. For about an hour. The next day was a wash since I couldn’t move so sister couldn’t go to her conference so she had a great day with her daughter. It’s not like they don’t spend all this time together but never with no responsibilities or anything else to do. So they had good.

Thursday – Sister went to conference. I still felt like crap. But dealable. As long as I didn’t stand uprite to long. So I pick up sister and one of her friends and we go to eat. Bad idea. I go back to hotel and die. She and princess and friend and friends son (3 y.o) go to park for HOURS and it was great. Came back – time to nap – no Princess had a different idea. She was going to leave. And she knows how to unlock the back door. Maybe we should get up to make sure she doesn’t leave. Yep – she tried to leave. What a kid. So we go to dinner. And I slowly die a little more. So back to hotel and sleep.

Friday Thank goodness – no cramps on me or sister. Princess is doing well. We go to this resturant for breakfast that is FABULOUS (the hotel, the food, eh) It was the gayest place on earth done in 60’s kitch. FABULOUS I say, Fabulous. Then we meet Aunt and cousins baby at zoo. A perfect day for a walk around the zoo. Princess wanted to see aminals (yes spelled wrong on purpose) and it was great. Then back to the hotel and dinner and back to hotel to pack and get ready to leave.

Overall. A nice trip. Not a great vacation since we were both sick and trying to chase a 2 year old is not relaxing at all. So sister is getting me a massage at a place near hear so I can get my relaxation on.

And today, back to reality. Jobs suck.

pictures coming.

Oh and my finger – it popped on it’s own and the puss came out.


7 thoughts on “I bite my nails

  1. I always get sick when I travel. Blah. Do you think it was food poisoning or something? OH, and my stomach is turning right now at the thought of your poor pinky finger. Gah. Must stop thinking about it!!!

    I don’t think it was food poisoning. We ate the same thing both times and only one of us got sick. Mostly likely a virus or something. Luckily it was only a 24 hour thing.

    And stop thinking of my finger. It wasn’t gross looking. If you saw it, you wouldn’t know there was a problem.

  2. I love popping/lancing pussy (hee hee) wounds. I am a pimple popper, too. I love it. Which is why I couldn’t wait to hear what happened to the finger so thanks for putting that last part in just for me. I know, I’m weird. Can’t help it. šŸ™‚

  3. That’s just YUCK!! about the puss, I could have gone without knowing that part. I remember getting sick one time when I was on Vacation – trip to Boston. I hated it; sorry you got sick.

  4. You so did not need to tell me that the puss came out. Thanks. You rock. šŸ™‚

    I’m glad you’re back and I’m glad you got to get away even if you were so busy. Work does suck after vacation.

    Vacation, what’s that?

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