Later gators

I am going on haitus for 2 weeks.   I will be back the beginning of March.  I have a lot of packing as getting stuff together and need to sleep my computer.    See ya all next month

Have a good two weeks


What’s going on

So my sister and the princess were going to go to LI for the weekend for Sister’s birthday.  She decided not to go which gave my dad the excuse to say  “ok, we’ll come to you”  Sort of.  They went to Atlantic City for the weekend.  They had comp rooms at one of the hotels.  So we are meeting them in A/C today and sleeping over and going for REALLY GOOD SEAFOOD tomorrow for brunch.  Monday is a holiday for normal companies except mine so I have to work, but princess’s day care is closed so sister is off.   Darn it.

I am going to her house at around 10 to watch the kid for a bit so sister can get some work done at work and then we will go to A/C

It’s gonna be a hard week.  We (again sister, princess and I) are going to Arizona on Saturday.   Sister has a conference and needs a babysitter so I am going to.  I like AZ but not the schools. (I went to ASU for a bit).  We have family that lives about 1/2 hour from the hotel so we will visit them and it will be fun.  The  conference is only until like 12 or so, so we will still have the day to do stuff.  This trip is why I bought bathing suits (shudder) but it’s getting away from snow and ice for a week,so that’s a bonus

I don’t know if any of you knew, if I had mentioned, I had some problems with my arm.  I was losing feeling down my arm, the inside of my elbow into my hand.    Well, I was supposed to go for injections but due to the office being an office of asshats, didn’t happen.  My ortho gave me another Dr that does them, but he doesn’t take my insurance and I can’t afford $400 for a consult.  I started taking this medicine and it works great.  I still wear a hand brace at night and take 2 pills at night and one in the morning but it works and avoids a needle in my neck so that’s a plus.   The only problem is, I still have bursitis in my upper arm (the outer arm muscle part) and the medicine doesn’t help that.   So I still hurt but this is much more tolerable then what I was feeling (no not feeling as the case may be.)

The heat in my house is odd.  It works, well, but the main room of the house that has 20 foot ceilings, doesn’t get as warm as it should because there is only one vent in the room.   As long as I have the heat on upstairs and downstairs, it gets warm though so that’s good, but…..

when I have the heat on in my bedroom, it gets so warm that I have to sleep in a t-shirt and light pants.   So I turn the heat off upstairs, then I get really cold downstairs, even with a blanket.  So I turned the heat back on upstairs and just sweat at night.   Such problems I have.

Work opened late again yesterday due to no lights or heat.  So I got a lot done in the house.  I did laundry, I put away laundry that has been out for 3 days (0k a week) and I cleaned the linen closet and I started packing for my trip.  Fun stuff.

And now, I am going to get more stuff together.
See ya on the flip side


Today you are 43. That means you’re very very old (this only applies to sister, no other 43 or older people) It means that you will start to shrink soon, which sucks since you are only 5’1 now and most of your patients don’t believe you are a doctor because you are short. But hate to break it to you, you look like you are in your 30’s now. You don’t look like a teenager anymore. And complaining that you don’t fit in size 2 pants, not a good way to get sympathy.


You are still the bestest most awesomist sister in the world. I’m glad you are one of my best friends and that we are as close as we are.

Oh Happy Day

So, we had/are  having an ice storm.   I woke up this morning knowing it was coming.  It was here last night and I had to shovel my driveway.

I woke up and was able to pull out of my garage and get to work, only took 40 minutes, and when I got there, no lights, no phone, no computers, NO HEAT but we stayed and dealt and I left at 3 because driving to get the princess in ice, and find parking, not fun

She gave me hugs and kisses and cuddles and made me laugh and gave me that look, that says,  I want a piece of cheese, I told you I loved you and gave you a hug and now I am looking at you with my uber cute face and GIVE ME MY CHEESE.  So I did, because it’s a good face.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone.    I can’t even tell you how excited and happy I was to get e-cards and wishes on my valintinir.    It makes me feel special and cared about.     I hope you all had a great day.  Mine turned out – not so bad, even if I didn’t get chocolate and flowers.

A little history

So a few people asked about why I was in the dean’s office so much in hs.

That’s coming.

Mr Fab thinks I’m the one that burned down the mall.  I wasn’t.

In 1991 my sister was graduating med school.   We were at her medical school.  My grandparents called to talk to us (from Florida) and tell us that the mall in Long Island, across the street from our house, was burning down.  I immediatly called S1 & S2 and got the scoop.   The mall was burning down.  (they were a font of information)  It started in the basement of one of the stores.  It spread very quickly.   2 people were killed.  (I remember it being 3, but I am not arguing with newspaper articles).  The arsonist was a security guard who wanted to be a hero   He was charged with murder and arson.    And I’m proud to say I graduated with him.  (I didn’t know him though, cause that would have required making my circle of friends larger then S1 and S2 and that wasn’t gonna happen.)  Needless to say, he didn’t make it to the 10 year graduation.   Of course, neither did I because I hated it the first time why would I want to see them 10 years later.