What I think about in traffic

So,  a few years ago, maybe season 1, I was watching – Ty Pennington and crew rebuild your house in 7 days (I really can’t remember the name of the show)

Anyway, a guy was in a wheelchair after an accident and the house was stair-a-rific and the kid couldn’t get around in the house to spend time with his family.   So they sent the video to Ty Pennington and crew rebuild your house in 7 days to get a new house that was better for the wheelchair bound 24 year old living at home.

Ty and team built a very nice house that was two stories with an elevator.   They put the wheelchair bound kids room on the 1st floor with a sliding glass door to get in and out.   They put ramps in the front of the house.  They made the house wheelchair accessible.  They put in an elevator   THEY PUT IN AN ELEVATOR.  So the guy could get upstairs to his siblings rooms and his parents room.   They didn’t put any ramps in the house, just outside the front of the house.

Now, here’s what I am wondering.     What if the elevator breaks down.   Do they call an elevator repairman.   I am imagining the conversation.

Elevator repairman –  Hi –  elevator repair place

Family member calling –   Hi -our elevator is broken

ER – ok – where is it located

FMC –  at our house

ER –  You have an elevator in your house

FMC – yes

ER – ok – how many floors

FMC –  2

ER – you have a 2 story private house with an elevator

FMC – yes -Ty Pennington put it in for us on that show he does

ER – ok crazy person –   we will be there Wednesday  (they are going to go because – really, wouldn’t you want to see it)

FMC –  ok –  see ya then.

I always wonder – how do these houses last.  Are they built well.  I mean it’s a house built in 7 days, and they are always goofing off and always are finishing stuff last minute and really, how well made can a house be that’s made in 7 days.    Do they get everything done.

The other episode I remember seeing was a 14 y.o boy who sent a video in. His parents were deaf and his younger brother was autistic and left the house in the middle of the night and his parents never realized it due to being deaf and stuff,  so they built this house with fire alarms and regular alarms and door alarms that shake the parents bed and flash bright lights so they can get the autistic kid if he trys to leave in the middle of the night.   They put alarms in the kids pj’s in case he gets out by himself so the alarms go off  (I think they alarmed the doors also) so he can be found – like a lojack on his pj’s

Again – what happens if it breaks

the phone conversation on that one is just strange –  how do you tell someone that your brothers lojacked pj’s and parents bed shaking alarm broke.


2 thoughts on “What I think about in traffic

  1. The show is called Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They do great work, but I get sick of Ty. He is pretty full of himself and awfully cheesy sometimes.

    And I really thing the houses fall apart. They did one by in Long Island and they ask for volunteers from the people in the crowd. They work all night and all day with different crews. That’s how they are able to goof off as much as they do. The families also know (duh) ahead of time and they get ideas for furniture and stuff that is actually pre-delivered

  2. Or what if the power goes out, and the kid is stuck in the elevator or something? That’d be fun.

    I do love the way you think. Or if the lojack on the autistic kids pj’s shorts out. That’d be awesome.

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