I rock

So,  my sister was telling the Princess that we were going to G-ma and G-pa’s this weekend

Sister: We are going to drive from Mommy and you’re home to NJ to Aunt Rachel’s home…

Princess:  No I live NJ

S:  no you live here with  mommy

P  no live NJ

S:  do you want to live with Aunt Rachel

P:  uh huh

S:  is it better to live with her

P:  uh huh

S:   Why

P:   I eat frosting

And that’s why aunts are better then mommies.      (Sorry Reese, I give them sugar and send them home)


7 thoughts on “I rock

  1. OH I still eat the frosting out of the can and I let my kid BUT I don’t send other children home this way. LOL. Maybe when I’m a grandparent…hmm….

  2. LOL! I am going to remember that when I get time alone with my nephew, and then he goes back to his grandparents.

    You need to volunteer to babysit next time you see him, sugar him up and then leave when they get home. It’s what I do.

  3. Out of a frosting can? That’s the best. Can I come to your house, too?

    Not out of the can. She loves birthday cake – well she likes birthdays (she is so like me) and I made birthday cake and she ate the frosting. The neatest food she ever ate. There was not one drop of frosting missed.

  4. That’s perfect practice for being a grandparent!

    Oh how I wish for those days when I could eat frosting…

    Except I won’t ever be a grandparent. I will be a great aunt (which I already am) but never a grandparent.

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