My bad

Ok here’s why my bad memory comes in.   I had a post, I just forgot what it was.  I know it was really funny and stuff so instead I’ll update.
I cleaned up my bookcase.    I put all the books together by author and when possible by series.   I got rid of a lot of books –  I have no extra empty shelves but I have extra space on shelves.   So that’s good.    I have 3 bags of books to get rid of.   I should try selling them, but I don’t want them cluttering up the house.   So I will donate them to good will or the library.

I found out Julie Garwood has a new book out.  I bought it.   I then found out it was book 5 in  a series.  I found out the other books and even though I read them, I re-read them    In about 2 weeks or so.   I read the 6 books.  I love her books, they are formulaic and simple and everyone always lives happily ever after and the men are always uber-hot but it’s a book, relax about it.

I babysat for the princess Saturday during the day.  She is sooo cute and so funny.   When Sister got home, we ate dinner and hung out and I went home.  They came over Sunday since Sister needed to borrow my washer/dryer.  So we went to the mall and hung out.   Nothing major except sister got lost while driving and was willing to go 20 minutes out of her way to avoid a 5 minute traffic jam, then the 20 minutes, would have been longer since she went the wrong way.  Normally I would have made fun of her, but I had a hot pizza on my lap.

Worked Monday and Tuesday and am working tomorrow and thursday but only part of Friday – I am going to my parents for the weekend.

I really wish I could remember what I was going to blog about.  I was really good.  Oh well, sorry to get your hopes up.


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  1. Shoot … your earlier teaser got me all excited too! Oh well. BTW – for a second I thought you were high, because I read “I found out Judy Garland has a new book out” … hehe.

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