And yet there’s more

So the doctor’s office called   It only took 2 days for them to apologize for the confusion.  They offered to make an appointment with the doctor directly.  I asked if he had an MD.   They said yes.   He’s an anesthiolgist (sp) and is board certified.    Seems when I asked in the other office if he was an MD they thought I meant the np (nurse practioner, by the way, giveaway he’s not an MD)

I made an appointment for next tuesday to see the actual doctor. He’s an anasthelogist (sp) and board certified in pain medicine and I know he’s experienced in giving injections because that’s really what ansteology (sp) is, numbing an area for injections.


I don’t trust him.   I know I’ve never met him, but have you have gone somewhere and just got a bad vibe.   That’s the feeling I got in both offices I went to.   The one where he sees patients on Tuesdays (even though it was a Thursday when they sent me there) and the one that he doesn’t see patients.

So here’s where I need your opinion.

I really need this injection.   The pain in my arm is excrutiating.  I am in tears by the end of the day.   I can actually be sitting at my desk at work rubbing my arm with tears pouring out of my eyes (but no one will know because it’s crying at work and that’s just bad)  because of how much it hurts

I am seeing the ortho the day before I have the new appt with the injection doctor.  I am going to tell him what happened and that I am not comfortable going to see this guy.    I just get a bad vibe from the workplace.

If he can’t refer me to a different doctor, should I keep the appointment even though I don’t trust the man.    He’s going to be putting a needle in my neck. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy and a really good doctor, but bottom line

Do I trust my insticts of not trusting this doctor because of a bad feeling?

(that got very Carrie Bradshaw, sorry)   I should say, the bad feeling started when I pulled in the parking lot, before any of this other crap came out, before the office said I was seeing a NP and everything else.    It was just a gut feeling that I had.

And I promise (ok I hope) that I stop posting/whining about this soon.   It’s getting boring.   I know everyone looks, sees, oh crap, more whining about her damn arm, and skips it.

I do have a princess story.

She and my sister slept over last night.   When I came out of my room this morning, she was walking down the hallway looking for me.   She wanted to go to work with me and when we said she couldn’t she wanted me to take elmo with me.

Of course, as soon as I left, she was all about goin to the grandparents.

Until she played elevator in my bathroom and while the elevator was moving she unrolled all my toilet paper.   AN ENTIRE ROLL  again.

Good thing it’s the bathroom I don’t use.


6 thoughts on “And yet there’s more

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog today, so excuse be for being maybe a tad brazen in commenting, but my mom had a similar situation only she went to see the doctor; now she’s disabled in her 40s (she had a neck injury) and will never work again. So DO NOT GO. Trust yourself because your health is too important. Try to get some serious pain killers from your regular doctor until you find an anesthesiologist you trust.

  2. I agree with everyone. It is especially important to have trust in your doctors. And I just make it a general rule to trust my gut reaction. You may not know right away why you get it, but there is usually a good reason. Good luck.

  3. I would reschedule with someone else then. I know, easy for me to say because I not in pain. Good luck! Let me know.

    That’s what I am going to do. If he doesn’t know any other doctors that do injections, then my sister does

  4. If it was anything but a shot in the neck, I would go and see if my gut still didn’t like it. But since you’re seeing the other doc first, I would tell him to find someone else for you.

    I always say go with your gut!

    That’s what I’m saying. It’s a needle in my neck. I have to trust you. A LOT. I don’t have a needle phobia, but really, trust is needed.

  5. Just my opinion, BUT, I have learned to always trust my instincts. If you have a bad feeling do NOT go. I’m sure the ortho doc can recommend someone else. Even if things were to go OK if you go to him, you’re going to be so stressed and anxiety-ridden by the time you get there – so not worth it.

    See, that’s what I was thinking. Even if I do go, and the first meeting is a consult only, I still have to get over the bad vibe feeling. No matter what, it’s going to roll over into my meeting him. I already have a bad feeling so I just can’t get over the first impression of 2 offices he works out of.

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