A happy & healthy New Year to all

I am out of here Friday at 4:30 (I hope, tiredness and traffic allowing) to my parents house in LI – I will hang out with my friends and well, hang out with my friends.

See ya next year

Yeah the picturesw are blurry, but look at them drunk and they won’t be

Don’t forget to have a safe New Years eve. Don’t drink and drive. I have enough work to do.

But seriously, I want to take now to say thanks to everyone who reads me. It makes me feel popular and happy to know that you all actually care a little bit about what I have to say. I consider you all friends and hope we can eventually meet soon. (especially DB, because I want to visit the Netherlands very badly and need a place to crash)


7 thoughts on “A happy & healthy New Year to all

  1. I am going to say Happy New Year, even knowing full well that you won’t read it until after the blessed Eve. Oh well, the sentiment’s the same. I hope you are safe and the evil little bastards don’t kill you.;)

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