Quick favor

I am looking for new music to put on my i-pod.    My music taste varies from G-n-R to Michael Buble.   From  30 Seconds to Mars to Bowling for Soup.   Green Day to Corey Hart (ooh, I have to put him on)   So I am looking for ideas of stuff I can download.
I don’t like bluegrassy country.   I like country (sort of) but I need ideas.

but, if you are looking for awesome.   Daughtry    AWESOME.      totally amazing.   Great voice, sexy baldness.    and fantastic songs.


10 thoughts on “Quick favor

  1. Hmm… last time I remember we had a disagreement about music, so I’ll suggest something different from what I usually listen to. How about some Evanescence?

  2. Hi! Might i suggest going to http://www.sillypipedreams.blogspot.com? He always has the names/artists of the songs that were featured in the past week’s episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Veronica Mars, The OC, etc. He also usually has links to clips so you can hear the songs. If you like any of those shows, it’s definitely worth checking out 🙂

  3. Hey, I gots an ideer.

    I have got literally thousands of songs on my iPod. If you want, I can send you a spreadsheet of them, you pick the ones you need, I’ll burn the CDs and send them to you. No biggie. I’ve done it for folks before. Let me know.

  4. Oh, and Charlotte Church “Crazy Chick.” I know what you’re thinking “Charlotte Church…? the opera kid?” so was I when I found out the song stuck in my head was her.

  5. I love this new template. This one is my absoulte favorite of yours thus far. I’ve been on a lime green and blue kick for about 3 years now…

    My recent iPod downloads have been AFI’s “Love Like Winter”, 311’s “Down”, the Killers (but I know you’ve already got that). I also suggest the Sugababes, Jack Ingram, tons of New Order or at least the Pretty in Pink soundtrack…and speaking of Pink, why not add her, too? LEt me know if you need more/better suggestions.

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