I love parenthesis or third times a charm

After I failed at the open MRI (thanks, btw, for all the suggestions) I kept my follow up appt with my ortho.    For a few reasons.    Maybe he would give me mass quanties of drugs and I would be able to do the MRI (for some reason, this was the top suggestions, buncha drug addicts reading this thing)  or maybe have another suggestion on what I could do to see what was wrong with me, but the main reason, the pain has now spread to my left side and arm,  part of me is hoping it’s compensation pain for favoring my left side.

He suggested a CT Scan.   It’s open and fast.  And he said if I couldn’t do that, we would just cut the arms off (which has been my suggestion from the beginning, ok it’s not a real suggestion, and considering what other people are going though pain wise, I probably shouldn’t be so snarky, but man, sometimes I really just hurt) So, I made an appt (they had one for the next day (today) eek)    and I sucked it up and said, no matter what, I am gonna do it.     So I went to the CT Scan.   I laid down on the table.    For those of you not familar (either because you’ve never had an MRI or CT Scan, or seen it done on TV) a little explanation.

MRI –  they lay you down on a table, the width of your body, they give you earplugs and stuff next to your head so you don’t move it.   Then they move you into a long narrow tube that is the width of your body and the top of the tube is right above your nose.    NO FUCKING WAY  I got to right below my neck and freaked out.

MRI  open –   picture the letter C    all open on one side and closed on the other.   Yeah  that would have been fine, except they put the thing above my head (sort of like the guard on a football helmet) to keep me from moving my head and then back I went into the open mri.  Except, the top part of the MRI, is right above the nose, so IT’S NOT SO OPEN

CT Scan –   you lay down on a table.   There is a big O behind you (picture a big donut)  they move you back and the O spins around you (I am guessing on that.  I kept my eyes closed and kept counting to 60).     About 15 minutes later, it’s done.  Now that’s open.  Nothing above my head that’s larger then the width of a giant donut and nothing so close to the top of my nose that I could touch it.   (Again, kept the eyes closed so I am guessing here).

But, I did it.   I got the CT Scan.    Now I go back to the doctor and he tells me whats wrong and what I can do to make it better.  Or he cuts off my arms.     One or the other,   as long as the pain goes away, I’m good.

He also gave me drugs.   Lycria   Here’s why I don’ t like reading informational websites.   I don’t have shingles or diabetes.   I may have nerve pain.   I don’t want to think about it being anything else due to my hypochondria (I’m not really, but I can’t know stuff, because as soon as I get a symptom like that, I have whatever it is)

He gave me a referral for steroid injections in my neck.   I go in January.  Why so long,   1.   I want to go back to him before I decide to get an injection IN MY NECK and 2.  I want to see if the drugs work before I get an injection (where) IN MY NECK.

So, what’s going on in your life.


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  1. You know, I’m not the best one to ask about pain things. I am glad that you got through the CT scan. You should ask Kimmy from Snickerdoodles about the cortisone shot in the neck. She has had that. There are times when my headaches are so bad that I wish that they would just shoot Novocaine into my neck. Or cortisone or anything really that would make it go away. I have even said for them to cut my head off. I know it isn’t possible without giving up breathing, so I will just try other things, I guess.

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