A few answers from comments

K/Angelina  – however you want to post comments, do so.  it’s what you are comfortable doing.

Mr. Fab –  Chocolate milk, Chocolate Soda (Chocolate Cow makes the best chocolate fudge soda)

And your right about Green Lantern.   I stand corrected.   I already told you I love him.  Rumour is they are making a GL movie.    Who should play him?

 Katherine  I am glad I laughed also….watching Grey’s and then 5 minutes of ER (which is the most I’ve watched in 7 years)  I was bawling like a baby.

Nessa –   I want a housekeeper one day a month.   To clean, dust, vaccuum    And He has to be hot.

See the comments in the last couple of posts to see what I am answering or talking about.   Except for K/Angelina.  That’s an email one.


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