This makes me happy

A full season is imminent 

And to me…that’s much better the the split.    Which I don’t think is real.   She had a new album, he’s promoting his.  I think it’s a publicity thing.


5 thoughts on “This makes me happy

  1. Very cool. But I still hate ratings. And I still long for the days when networks bought full seasons of shows right off the bat before the new fall lineups even started.

    I had pondered that about the “Fed”-Exes. Especially since one of the t.v. gossip shows I saw yesterday said a peep about it.

    The radio folks I listen to were confirming it this a.m., though…

  2. I’m never home long enough to watch this show. And if I Tivo, it just gets backlogged with all the other shows I never have time to watch. *sigh*

    Maybe you could just do recaps for me. 😉

    As for the split, meh. He’s dead weight, she’s annoying. So, I say again, “meh.”

  3. Oh please don’t let the split be fake; it’s the smartest thing she’s ever done. Aside from the prenup.

    I wish they’d put “Studio 60” on an hour earlier. By the time it comes on I’m already doing something else and forget. But I liked the episodes I saw.

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