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I am declaring Thursdays   Road Rage Thursday

No, you can’t get out of your car and rip someone’s arm off and beat them with it, but you can complain about it.    Every Thursday, I am going to do my Road Rage complaining for the week.   So sad that I can actually dedicate a day to stupid drivers.    Thank goodness though, I wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for bad drivers.


To the dumb fuck in the red corolla…..the left lane is a passing lane.  I was attempting to pass the truck but since you decided to drive up my ass when I was going 80 mph and honk and blink your lights, no, I’m not gonna know.  Go ahead pass me.   Then I will change lanes and when you get stuck behind the 18 wheeler and want to pass him, I will stay steady in the right lane so you get boxed in.  Yeah I’m a bitch like that.  You know, it’s not really a fast lane, the left lane, it’s a passing lane.  If you get pulled over doing 80, you will still get a ticket.  I know my insurance laws, I know my road rules and statutes.   So go ahead, drive up my ass, when traffic comes to a stop, as it does during rush hour, you’ll hit me and then I will make a bi claim against you.


Feel free to comment or do your own RRT entry.   I hate stupid people.


6 thoughts on “A new category

  1. I don’t leave my house except to go to preschool drop off. LOL… but once apon a time I did. I hate stupid drivers. I was once on my way school when a big huge truck almost plowed into me and my babes. I was pissed. No one messes with my babes!!!!!!!

  2. I had road rage this morning, too. I sat in the same place, on a road, which I believe is meant for driving and not sitting, for over 10 minutes. I might have moved forward about a half inch. maybe.

    Yes, people ARE stupid. Grrr.

  3. I was in the passing lane today, passing someone and the next thing I see is a black Cadilac up my ass. So I move into the middle lane, and she moves into the middle lane then she zooms off an exit ramp, crossing 2 lanes going 70. Ass.

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