I got nothin

I mean, a few stories about the princess, like she wakes up in the morning asking to go to Cachel’s instead of school.   And I told her we were going to a party on Saturday and she looked at me and said CAKE.   (I had the same conversation with J at work)

But really, I got nothing.    Feel free to either ignore this post or ask me a question.  Maybe I’ll answer it.


8 thoughts on “I got nothin

  1. I love how she says your name! I miss hearing little kidspeak! I was such a good babysitter because I always knew what my charges were saying. Now- I have no clue. All of my friends have kids and the ones who are too little to be very articulate I sit ther going “what did she say? what did she say that time? what did she just say? Did she say ___?”

    I feel like an idiot.

    I totally think Cachel should be a real name, though. I love it.

  2. Oh, that princess is SO my kind of girl! Now, what kind of cake are we talkin’ ’bout? My favorite is anything chocolate or anything with really good frosting. Yep, that narrows it down. Because for me, the frosting is the best part. Best cake (and frosting) I’ve ever had bar none: McCormick & Schmick’s Carrot Cake. OMG

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