My day.

1.   What’s so odd is my mom, not much different on morphine.    We always laugh like loons and she is always funny so the morphine and calling a 5 year old a slut, she does that normally.     We a classy bunch.

2.  I had an EMG today.    Not the most fun I’ve ever had.  But I don’t have carpal tunnel except that I do.     The Emg came back negative for it but the areas were gray so they were reading them as normal which is average.  So I do have Carpel tunnel.   Yeah, I scratched my head at that.   Apparently my pretty wrist brace works really well   I still have problems when I drive long distances since at some point I will have to drive with my right hand.    But he (the orth0, late 30’s single, cute as heck) thinks it’s secondary to a pinched nerve which is what I self diagnosed weeks and weeks ago.   So I have to go for a cervical spine MRI.   Which means valium.  Which means a fun Libragirl.   I have an problem with small spaces and loud noise.   I asked if the MRI place has open MRI’s but the doc wants a closed one because you get a better reading.   He asked it I want valium  I said YES    He asked if I ever took it before   I said YES     He asked if 5mg’s were enough I said Yes .   I like Valium. It’s very relaxing.

3.  I spent my i-tunes gift card.   I got Shiny Toy Guns, Hinder and THE NEW ROBBIE WILLIAMS      I also got Cartel, Hellogoodbye, The frey and Angels & Airwaves.    How many of those bands have your heard of.  Me, two of them, but I liked the sounds when I listened to the other songs so I downloaded them  Legally.


7 thoughts on “My day.

  1. Ack! Good luck, sorry you have to go through that. I’ve had valium before and I can totally see how people can get addicted to it. I should never, evah have access to it ’cause I like it. A LOT.

  2. Ohhhhhhh nice work on the valium LOL… I expect fun blogging posts. Hee hee…. I figured out what is wrong. When I go here from blog lines it does all that whacky stuff. When I just refresh and click your title I see everything. Anyway, I’m so sorry about your brace. I hope you find what is wrong and they fix it. I’m glad moms is in good spirits.

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