One more day

Sexyback   right.

So that’s my tat on my back.    Have I mentioned I love my birthday.

Today (Friday the 20th)  Happy birthday  Kat.

I leave work at 1.   I get my haircut at 2.   I will meet my sister and we will pick up the princess from daycare and go out to dinner.

Tomorrow.   The 36th greatest day of my life.   My furniture is being delivered between 7 and 9.   Yes that’s in the morning.   So much for sleeping late on my birthday.   But I will be going back to sleep.   Damn skippy on that.  My parents are coming down (or up whatever) and my sister and the kid are coming over.   We will go out to dinner and on Sunday…who knows.   We shall see.

All I know is since I won’t be around tonite…next time ya all here from me

I’LL BE 36


7 thoughts on “One more day

  1. Happy Birthday! (now because I’m afraid I’ll suddenly become uncharacteristically not myself and forget if I wait until tomorrow. I know I won’t really forget, but the universe seems to have a strange way of fucking with me and the things I’m usually reliably, predictably good at keeping up with, so…rather than miss it altogether or post late or something…you know…?)

  2. Woo hoo!! Happy Birthday – and thanks for the reminder. Your birthday is the same day as my friend’s and seeing your post reminded me to send her card. Hope you have a great celebration – can’t wait to hear about it! OH, email me with what Izzy does with the 8.7 mil and how you found out!!

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