A little more information

I got an email from a friend of mine.    A guy we went to college with is in Iraq and wants emails from home.    He was of someone of somewhat importance to me in college.   I haven’t seen in in 16 years but I’d heard stuff about him through the grapevine.     And that’s all the info you’ll be getting.   Suffice it to say, he emailed me back and was happy to hear from me.    Which was good since I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be.

Hopefully he’ll be home soon.   I know how his family feels just from how one of my friends was when her husband was deployed.


4 thoughts on “A little more information

  1. I think it is nice you can make contact and email each other again. It probably gives him some normalcy.

    My cousin’s husband just got back from Iraq, I believe.

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