He loves me

So I had this post saved and don’t know why I never posted it.   It is from a few weekends ago when everyone was at my parents house.

So I was at my parents this weekend with sister and princess.  We got moving at a decent time and called brother and sil to tell them and they were going to meet us there.    We got home around 11 or so.   I wasn’t feeling well so I ended up crashing for about 2 hours.

I came to and was playing with the boys and princess and stuff.   I still had a bit of a headache though so I was upstairs doing a quick email check.   When LN comes upstairs with a small plastic toy cup and tells me to drink it.  I do (it’s pretend) and then he tells me it was poison and I’m dead.   So I tell him I can’t be dead until he gives me a kiss.   He does then says I can be alive again when he goes back downstairs.   He does and yells, ok you can be alive again.   A few minutes later he comes up again and shoots me with his toy gun and tells me I am dead.  Again, I tell him, I can’t be dead until he gives me a kiss.  He does, runs back down and yells, ok, you can be alive again.    A few minutes later he comes back in and gives me another kiss and says you don’t have to die know, that’s just because I love you    OH MY GOODNESS Ok, you can have the money in the bank.   That was so sweet.  Then he says he has to poop.   Ok, moment over.
He comes back in the room and asks if he can sit on my lap so we can watch movie trailers on the computer.   Of course we can, you gave me a non asked for kiss and told me you loved me without prompting.   So we watched Zorro about 6 times and he was soooooo happy.   So was I.   My little man gave me kisses and said he loved me.

I’m such a mush when it comes to my kids.


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