Could you tell…..

I changed the look of my site. I can put in a custom header. I am looking for a good libra symbol I would like to put my tat on as a header but I am not sure how. And I need a picture of it. It’s on my back so I can’t take it myself.

Let me know what you think.

I learned how to link a You-Tube video. That makes me happy

The brace for my wrist seems to be helping. Except of course when I am driving and writing and typeing. I only have to wear it when I am sleeping so, since I don’t drive when I am sleeping (at least not on purpose) I still get a sore arm and hand. I go for an EMG on the 25th so I will talk to the doctor then.

My parents are coming today. That makes me happy also. I am picking up the princess around 10 or so and my sister is going to get some stuff done that she can’t get done with a sick broken 2 year old. (although the cast is tiny and she doesn’t seem to care or notice it, she is still a little sick kid and therefore whiney, so sister needs some time to get stuff done, like laundry, food shopping and stuff)

I am going to take her to Old Navy. She needs size 3T boys shirts since they fit over the cast. Then Target (I love Target) because I need some sweatshirts to junk around it. If they are in cheap (less then 20$) it’s a win win. I don’t care if they get stained and I have something to wear when I don’t want to be dressed or in pj’s.

When my parents get here, we are going to take her for a halloween costume. Sister wants her to be Pocohantas. or something like her. With the princesses coloring, she is going to be beautiful. Last halloween, she couldn’t go Trick or treating because she was still wiped from the time change from Kazakhstan to the US.  So was sister for that matter.

Next weekend I GOT NO PLANS.

Weekend after….the best weekend of the year. More on that to come. And I get my furniture. Finally. Maybe I will take pictures

Weekend after that I babysit since sister is working and brother, sil and boys are coming

Did I mention NEXT WEEKEND I HAVE NO PLANS. That makes me happiest of all scarecrow.


11 thoughts on “Could you tell…..

  1. Do you want me to come over and take a picture of that tat? I only live…well, I don’t know how many hours apart.

    I love the new look, as I said below. Man, sometimes I should wait before I open my big mouth, I mean, type with my big fingers.

  2. Like the new look, babe!!! And hope you’ll have a great quiet relaxing weekend!

    I have THREE consecutive weeks of having The Kid at home without him visiting his dad… at all… I am bracing myself for that, LOL 😉

  3. I love the new look. I would take a picture of your back and help you figure out how to implement it into your blog header, if I were there, that is. Poop.

    When is your birthday? I have a feeling I am going to be gone on vacation when it happens. I am sad. I would like to get prepared for it before I leave on the 13th. Let me know, please.

  4. ooh, luverly! I like the new banner. Re your tatt – have someone take a pic with a digital camera and then you can download it to your computer and work with it. Aren’t weekends the best?! Except of course this one where it rained all day Friday, Friday night and all day today (Sat.) blah

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