My princess

Today you are 2.  On your first birthday you didn’t walk or talk.  Now, you run and never stop talking.  You sing Twinkle Twinkle little Star repeating

UP above the world UP above the world over and over.

You are so pretty and so funny and so silly.  You pretend cry and make sad face with your little bottom lip sticking out.

You laugh hysterically and give yourself hiccups.  You look for mommy all the time.   Our conversation on the way home from daycare in the car

You – mommy

Me Mommy’s at work

you  Chachel

me  Yes princess

You mommy

me mommy’s at work

you Chachel

me  Yes princess.

Repeat about 10 more times

Sometimes you mix it up.   Sometimes when I say Mommy’s at work you clap and say yeah mommy.  And then make me do it also

Or the conversation is     bus  yes. there’s a bus    truck  yes there’s a truck TRUCK yes it’s still a truck    Now the truck is leaving say bye bye truck

BYE BYE TRUCK      SEE YA LATER (of course it’s not as clear as that but since I can’t spell what you actually say, I am improvising)

I love being with you.   I love when you see me you run to me and hug me.  I love when we are walking down the street you stop and hug my leg for no reason.   I love that you try to trick me into carrying you by being the cutest little 2 year old in the world.

You make the best happy face and surprise face.

You make your mommy so happy when you give her hugs and kisses

Your favorite new word is   kay.    Princess do you want some cheese  kay

princess do you want to watch Ernie kay

princess do you want to go outside  kay

princess do you want to see grandma and grandpa  kay

Princess do you want to go night night   NO  and then you fall asleep.  You are only 2 and can’t stay awake forever.

Now if you could only get potty trained by the end of the day, you would stop being a big stinkbutt.


9 thoughts on “My princess

  1. Calem will be two in June, but I don’t want him to be! My mom posted a whole list of his words on his blog.

    He calls me Dynda. I have a feeling we will be Chachel and Dynda forever.

  2. just found your blog – dig it. My kid just turned 2 as well, so i can totally relate. sounds lovely over your way.

  3. I read this post earlier in the week and still can’t get “up above the world…” out of my head. I think I know why she likes it.

  4. Awww! Too sweet. She’s gonna love reading that one day (all except the “stinkbutt” part but hey.) You’re so lucky to live close to her and see her every week.

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