Weekend wrap up

Friday-   picked up the princess and brought her home.  Took an hour to get to her daycare because traffic sucked.   Unloaded my car, brought it to garage and then sister, princess and I went for pizza.  Crashed early.  Fell asleep before the princess (around 9 or so) I was so tired.

Saturday – woke up at 7 or so.  Took a shower.  Princess woke up at 7:30. She is so funny in the morning.  She is a little big headed baby (Ever notice that kids heads are huge when they wake up, it’s the hair)  Eventually we got moving to go to LI for the Jewish holiday.   Someone didn’t nap the whole ride.  Someone else did (I’m the one who did)   Got to my parents house and fell asleep for about another hour.  (when I say I’m tired, I’m not kidding) Still no nap for the princess.  She was exhausted.   Apparently when she was playing with my brother, her elbow popped out.  My sister called it a nursemaid dislocation or something.  She seemed ok…favored her left arm mostly but was using her right arm some.   My sister said, let’s wait until Sunday.  It’s not swollen and she is moving it so it doesn’t seem to be broken.   So we waited.   She was fine, she was laughing and stuff, sister is a pediatrian, so we wait.

Sunday morning we wake up.  She is still favoring her left arm so off to the er we go.   ER’s on a Sunday morning…fun.   Actually, it wasn’t so bad.  They took her fairly quickly and she saw an ortho we know and trust (my mom’s) and only cried  screamed like someone was cutting her arm off when she had to get x rayed.  Turns out it was a little dislocated like sister thought.  They splinted it.  A tiny half cast type splint with an ace bandage around it.  From shoulder to her little hand. All you could see were her tiny little fingers. She had a blue lollypop and got it all over her face and was so cute.   And so sad.

And Sunday – another day of no napping.  She refused.  We tried and tried.  My mom and sister went out and I was watching her.  She was at that stage, so tired, she kept falling and crying.  Finally she fell and I just picked her up and she passed out on me   On my bad shoulder with her splint in my throat.  She slept for a whole 20 minutes.  Then she was perky as all get out.  A little power nap.

Finally she went to sleep at night.  In a big girl bed.  She outgrew her port-a-crib.

Monday, woke up early.  6:15 or so.  Sister tried to get her back to sleep by showing her it was still dark out.  Didn’t work.  All of a sudden, little feet and little face are next to me in my room.  She looks at me (after yelling Cachel the entire walk into my room) and smiles and says HI and leaves.   Ok then.   I close the door and go back to sleep, except door doesn’t stay closed and little face is there again.   With grandma.   We pulled her into my bed to lay with me and my mom and me and my mom fell asleep for another 2 hours.  She didn’t  luckily her mom was awake and took her for breakfast.

We went to the city around 12:30 or so so my sister and princess could go to services for Yom Kippur with my brother and sil and the boys.
Then we broke fast and came home.

It was a long weeked.  But still need one more day of just sleeping.

Tonite. I have to make a b-day cake, clean, vaccuum and get everything straightened. up.   My parents are coming over this weekend

And the b-day cake,  tune in tomorrow  same Libra time, Same libra channel


6 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

  1. Oh yeah, nurse maid’s elbow. My little niece (two) had that around Christmas. She was playing with her daddy. He picked her up by her arms to swing her or something and we just heard this CRACK. I thought he was going to pass out.

  2. Ouch, I’m glad to hear Princess is OK – bummer about her arm but I’m sure she was more excited about the cast and blue lollipop! Hope you ended up with enough sleep…

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