A 2nd letter to TV programmers.

Thank you. Most of the shows I wanted to watch but couldn’t because they were on against other shows….SUCK.

So, I will keep trying with Jericho and Runaway and Heros but if I miss them….oh well.

Seriously, if you are going to put shows on against each other, can you make them not suck .

Heros, just a great idea, with Adrian Pasdar who I love, but superheros, that is an awesome idea. But the show, not so much.

Jericho, another good idea, and Skeet Ulrich. So good looking, such a “great” actor the show, not so much

Runaway….DONNIE WAHLBERG Man Donnie Wahlberg playing a dad. He’s Tough Enough. (sorry) The NKTOB is a lawyer framed for murder. Again, good idea (if not overdone) but the show, not so good.

So, I will keep taping them (because I don’t want to reset my vcr’s) but if I don’t see them, no big

Thanks for sucky shows.

GA is on tonite. One more week til Veronica Mars and Lost. At least I don’t have to worry about shows against VM and Lost anymore Thanks for that.


8 thoughts on “A 2nd letter to TV programmers.

  1. I can’t watch any show that is a ‘serial,’ because I can’t keep up if I miss an episode. Sure, I can DVR it… but then I have to make time to watch that missed show. Gah. Maybe they should start making shows in 15 minute episodes. I could make time for that!

    Or… you could just post all the plots of the shows you watch, and then I can just read about them. 😉

  2. Home alone on a Sunday night watchin cable TV….come on…let me take u out to dinner……plssssssssssss

  3. OHHH i can not wait for tonight. i’m going to try to do a little recap thing every friday for it… hee hee come on over after the show… 🙂

  4. Crap! You reminded me that Project Runway was on last night – or was it? Have to check Bravo for reruns…Yes, tonight on GA is when Burke’s parents catch Cristina on his bed her in red lingerie. Somehow I don’t think that will go over well. Whole panty theme going on – Meredith’s are up on the bulletin board. Don’t like George’s girlfriend. She does weird squinchy things with her face that result in strange expressions. Not diggin’ her. Not sure how I missed the Donnie Walberg show – love him! Did you see that cop show he was on a couple of years ago, only ran for a season or less but I loved it!

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