A 2nd letter to TV programmers.

Thank you. Most of the shows I wanted to watch but couldn’t because they were on against other shows….SUCK.

So, I will keep trying with Jericho and Runaway and Heros but if I miss them….oh well.

Seriously, if you are going to put shows on against each other, can you make them not suck .

Heros, just a great idea, with Adrian Pasdar who I love, but superheros, that is an awesome idea. But the show, not so much.

Jericho, another good idea, and Skeet Ulrich. So good looking, such a “great” actor the show, not so much

Runaway….DONNIE WAHLBERG Man Donnie Wahlberg playing a dad. He’s Tough Enough. (sorry) The NKTOB is a lawyer framed for murder. Again, good idea (if not overdone) but the show, not so good.

So, I will keep taping them (because I don’t want to reset my vcr’s) but if I don’t see them, no big

Thanks for sucky shows.

GA is on tonite. One more week til Veronica Mars and Lost. At least I don’t have to worry about shows against VM and Lost anymore Thanks for that.