A letter to TV Programmers

Dear Sir or Madam:

There are 7 days in a week.  Why are you insisting on putting everything on the same 4 nights.   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Thursday, so far, only one channel is busy.   But what about Friday, Saturday, Sunday.   I cant’ watch more then one thing at a time and I don’t have a DVR (yet) so please, move things around so I don’t go nuts trying to watch

Mondays  9 pm   Heros and Runaway.

Tuesdays  8 pm   Gilmore Girls, House and Dead Like Me (Yes it’s a repeat but I still like it)

Wednesdays  8pm  Bones,  & Jericho

See – everything is on at 8pm   Can’t you take some of the shows and put them on on Friday or Saturday so I can watch some things not on videotape.

Thank you


10 thoughts on “A letter to TV Programmers

  1. You totally should get a DVR. I don’t know how I lived without it. Now I find myself trying to rewind the radio and life in general. It doesn’t work. They should totally make DAR for the radio. Sometimes I want to hear a song another time.

  2. You could always shell out $800 for the new Tivo series 3…..it allows you to record two shows at once. Then again, you have to shell out an extra I don’t know how much for the TV tuner cards,because they’re not included! What’s up with that? $800 and you still have to buy parts???

    My husband showed me this, and I was like, “NO.” Our Tivo is just fine.

    I do hate the networks for putting all the good shows on the same day, though….

  3. Oh, yeah! Bones is on tonight! Thanks for the reminder. I try not to flip channels just to not get too attached to a show, but I love to watch Bones.

  4. Maybe you should get out of the house more. Take a hobby. Perhaps some basketweaving classes. Or making stuff out of popsicle stick.

    You are going to hurt me now, aren’t you?

  5. What about Thursday night – CSI and Grey’s Anatomy?! I think we’re going to have to kill some people. When we’re running the world we will never let this chaos happen.

  6. I completely agree. Last night I forgot to watch Gilmore Girls because of Dancing with the Stars. I totally meant to set myVCR, then I thought I’d just flip between the two, then I sat at the computer instead.

    Thus far, that’s my only conflict, but, you’re still right. What the hell happened to Friday and Saturday night t.v.?

  7. LOL Oh i hear ya. Last season I was obsessed with Alias and 24 and they overlapped or was it two seasons ago? I do’nt remember but it pissed me off.

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