A letter to TV Programmers

Dear Sir or Madam:

There are 7 days in a week.  Why are you insisting on putting everything on the same 4 nights.   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Thursday, so far, only one channel is busy.   But what about Friday, Saturday, Sunday.   I cant’ watch more then one thing at a time and I don’t have a DVR (yet) so please, move things around so I don’t go nuts trying to watch

Mondays  9 pm   Heros and Runaway.

Tuesdays  8 pm   Gilmore Girls, House and Dead Like Me (Yes it’s a repeat but I still like it)

Wednesdays  8pm  Bones,  & Jericho

See – everything is on at 8pm   Can’t you take some of the shows and put them on on Friday or Saturday so I can watch some things not on videotape.

Thank you