Last night at sundown started the first night of Rosh Hashanah. It’s the beginning of the Jewish New Year. The year is 5767 in the Jewish calendar.

Happy New Year to my family.

And while discussing being Jewish. LN was in hebrew school (or kindergarten, I don’t remember which one) and told the teacher a joke

Why did the cowboy go into the bar

Because he wanted to get punched in the penis.

My brother stopped him before he got to the last word.

And no, I don’t know what it means, except he’s 5 and really strange (but he is related to my brother, who is REALLY strange)


10 thoughts on “5767

  1. Holy cow. brother of mine. I pictured the NOOOOOOOOOO in slow motion scream but mommy said you stopped him.

    How does a 5 y/o become a Dadaist. Damn I love that kid.

  2. This was the first thing he said to his Hebrew School teacher. And no, I did not stop him. I heard him beginning it as I was walking out the door & I felt like those movies where you hear someone scream “Nooooo!” in slow motion but are too late to knock them out of harms way. Once I realized I couldn’ t stop it, I did the sensible thing. I ran away.

    I just hope his teacher enjoys having a Dadaist in her class.

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