Emailing is fun

So, Katherine, in response to my eye issue, commented:

Um, ‘kay, you need a new eye doctor. This guy’s just weird – are you sure he’s even an eye doctor? mwahahahaha. No, seriously, there should be no eyeball touching or usage of the word “bitch” during an exam. I’m pretty positive on this one. It will probably freak you out to know I’ve had Lasik surgery. And, with no valium, wheeeeee! I could see them cutting my retina and flipping it back and smell my eye burning when they lasered it.

I email-ed her

Why would you tell me that. I am sitting in my room watching a preview of a show coming to showtime about a foresnic doctor who is serial killer (Dexter, sundays at 10 on Showtime) and not having any problems. You mention lasik and flipping of the eye and I am screaming That’s just mean

As for the eyeball thing, he was testing for glaucoma and apparently it’s normal. I double checked with my sister on that. As for the bitch comment After I told him we were engaged, really, hardly anything would be taboo.
She wrote back

Ok, sounds more like flirting to me now.  Is he cute and single??

The only thing that grossed me out about the eye surgery (yep, gonna talk about it some more) was when they stuck these metal things beneath my upper and lower eyelids to keep them open.  Really skeeved me out.  But man, so worth it.  I can see, I can see!
My response

You are sooooooo mean.  If I have nightmares I am so gonna kick your ass.   And take all your chocolate as further punishment.

I mean isn’t she mean.   Why would she do that?  Why would she describe in detail the ickyness of eye stuff.

She’s so mean.  She doesn’t deserve chocolate.

(and yes, this is all in jest.  Katherine is a wonderful blog friend who I like very much and if she was needing chocolate to deal with her mother in law,  I would be happy to supply it)


5 thoughts on “Emailing is fun

  1. I don’t remember ever having my eyeball touched and I’ve been doing to the optometrist since I was 8 and discovered I was blind as a bat…See, Mom? All those years I kept howling at you that I couldn’t see when you’d make me stop sitting so close to the t.v….I was telling the truth!

    Anyway, I had a glaucoma test for the first time a few years ago, they blew a puff of air into my eye with a machine, but nobody touched anything.

    That is just weird…

  2. OK, the gloves are coming off. You can’t be threatening to take away a chocoholic’s lifeblood. That’s just so wrong. So, in honor of you being easily grossed out, you might just want to stop by my blog and check out today’s post, hee hee. Ow.

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