I accomplished stuff

I worked today. Hard. Actually got a lot done. Strange for a Monday.

Went to the eye doctor at 4:40. Got a new prescription and possibly engaged.

Went to Best Buy and had my new radio installed in my car.

Went to BJ’s Wholesale (like Costco) and got new regular and sun glasses.

Came home and cleaned the kitchen.

And was done by 8pm so I could eat and get ready to watch How I Met Your Mother, since I love Neil Patrick Harris. It starts now. So. Later.


9 thoughts on “I accomplished stuff

  1. Engaged? Do tell. If you tell in the posts after this one, don’t tell me yet. I am catching up. I will learn when I get to them.

    Happy birthday.

  2. Hold on there sister… possibly engaged? What do you mean POSSIBLY ENGAGED? I think Neil Patrick Harris can wait a moment or three. Explain, my friend, explain!

  3. Back up Back up Back up! “got a new prescription and possibly engaged”? What kinda service does your eye doctor provide? Can he teach the doctors over here?

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